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As mankind extended their reach into space they eventually discovered a large alien technological device on the surface of a newly colonized planet. After sending a scientific and expeditionary force to research the device it was inadvertently activated and shortly thereafter the Draelus invasion began. The device turned out to be a Portal that linked to the Draelus' home system - they were just waiting for someone to "knock."

The Draelus quickly shot out in all directions from the planet and the military in turn had to spread its forces thin in an attempt to slow the Draelus advance on multiple fronts. A full assault on the planet containing the Portal was deemed too risky as the military would need to remove other lines of defense in order to mobilize a large enough strike force. Subsequently an experimental fighter called the Scythe was constructed - a hybrid of human and captured Draelus technology.

You're the pilot of the Scythe. In addition to being extremely agile and having a regenerative shield for protection, the Scythe is also equipped with a technology assimilator system. This allows the Scythe to acquire alien weapons by picking up objects left from destroyed enemies - when enough objects from a particular alien weapon have been gathered the weapon system is replicated and becomes part of the Scythe's overall arsenal.

Your ultimate goal is to destroy the Portal and cut off Draelus reinforcements once and for all. In order to reach the Portal you'll fight the Draelus over other planets en route to the final destination. Enemy fighters, bombers, and capital ships await you on each world, along with a challenging end-Boss. The fate of humanity is in your hands.